I am THE Messy Mole. I have been making and creating for years with encouragement…

 I am THE Messy Mole.

I have been making and creating for years with encouragement and influence of my mother and grandmothers.  By ‘day’ I am a freelancer within the events industry and during Covid, all my work dried up, so I used the time to make all kinds of products with different mediums, and this is where Messy Mole came about.

Now we are back, I am crafting during my quiet periods between jobs. Although I have been in the process of kick starting my career within events since I graduated, my love and passion for creating has not stopped.

I have been making dreamcatchers, all kinds of fabric accessories, embroidering, creating decor of all kinds, and have even been using resin. EVERYTHING that I make is one of a kind, no two products are identical. I love this ethos as we humans and creatures are all unique, so bringing that to my work is important to me.

I love upcycling and trying to be sustainable in a world of fast fashion, so if I can prevent something going in the bin, I will find a way to give it a new life. Lots of my embroidered clothes are preloved with lots of life left in them. The dreamcatchers I make especially in workshops are upcycled bangles and use upcycled beads and jewellery.

I have a passion for creating items others will love and enjoy, this goes from my events work all the way to my crafts and creations. 

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